Bonded warehouse rental service

Bonded warehouse rental service

Bonded warehouse rental service

Bonded warehouse rental service

Bonded warehouse rental service
Bonded warehouse rental service




    What is bonded warehouse?

    Bonded warehouse is a warehouse area in the territory of Vietnam used to store goods that have completed export procedures but still waited to be exported under the order of buyers, goods imported from abroad to wait for being exported to a third country  or goods entering Vietnam but not yet completed import procedures and been waiting for orders from buyers in Vietnam. 


    Why do you need a bonded warehouse?

    + For imported goods:

    When a business abroad, exporting a large amount of goods to Vietnam and selling to many businesses, they need a warehouse to store goods but do not clear customs clearance for imported goods and pay Vietnamese taxes, then Vietnamese businesses who purchase goods will carry out import procedures and pay import duties to bring goods to the warehouse.


    + For exported goods:

    When enterprises in Vietnam have processing contracts with another enterprises in foreign countries, importing enterprises in foreign countries need a warehouse in Vietnam to collect goods from manufacturers in Vietnam for packing and transporting goods. Once transferred to a foreign country, each exporting enterprise shall open its export declaration form and put it into a bonded warehouse. Or goods in bonded warehouses will be sold to different customers in different countries under the orders of the goods owners in processing contracts.


    Advantages of Bonded warehouse:

    + Do not pay import tax when goods go into bonded warehouses. Import and export businesses do not need to pay any tax when the goods enter the bonded warehouse. So businesses will save tax money. Only the buyer who then completes the procedures to import into Vietnam must pay the tax.


    + Long-term storage: According to Vietnamese law, the maximum time for storing goods in bonded warehouses is 5 years, so exporters can store goods in bonded warehouses and wait until the actual purchasing demand rises , then sales increase, it will be profitable


    + Place of residence for goods that have not yet received the import license: The goods need to apply for an import license or other certificates, so the goods have not been cleared. Thus, putting the goods into the bonded warehouse is the best choice



    Implementation process:

    + Imported goods: After the goods arrive at the airport or the seaport, the owner of the goods makes a declaration at the bonded warehouse then proceeds to delivery goods from the port to the bonded warehouse. After that, the buying businesses and importers will clear customs, pay import taxes and take goods out of bonded warehouses.


    + Exported goods: The owner of the goods makes the declaration of goods exported to the bonded warehouse. Then transfer the goods to the bonded warehouse. The abroad buyer  when buying will notify the owner. The goods owner will request the bonded warehouse to clear customs, delivery it to the export port and clear the customs


    About our bonded warehouse:

    + Location: Long Binh ICD, Long Binh district, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai

    Tien Son ICD, Tien Son district, Bac Ninh province

    + Area: more than 100 hectares

    + Including 2 areas to store goods

     Regular warehouse storage

     Dangerous goods storage (DG warehouse)


    About our service:

    + Warehouse rental service

    + International shipping services

    + Customs clearance services

    + Domestic transport services


    If you have any inquiries about our service , please feel free to contact us

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